Add/Track Affiliate Commissions?

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At this time, we don't offer an "Affiliate tracking" element within GERU. It has been suggested and this is something we are exploring. However, there is a workaround outlined below. 

There are 2 scenarios for tracking Affiliate commissions:

Scenario 1: You Are An Affiliate
If you are promoting an Affiliate/CPA product -- where you receive a 40% ($40) commission on a $100 product  --  you can use the Product Cost field to represent the dollar amount that the Vendor receives (example: $60 out of $100). Here's how you would include those numbers in your Product settings.

Go to the Product Manager to Add/Edit your Product settings:

Next... add a Product Cost:

Using the above numbers, whenever GERU tracks a sale, the Product Cost per sale (your commission) is $40 ($100 - $60). Then, any additional Traffic Costs and Expenses would be subtracted from your Revenue to determine your potential Profit.

Scenario 2: You Are A Vendor With Affiliates Who Promote Your Product

In this scenario, you can also define your Product Cost (shown above). However, you would flip the numbers. For example... the "Product Cost" to every sale is a commission paid to an Affiliate. Therefore, your Product Cost is a 40% commission, which equals $40 on a $100 sale. You keep $60.

As we continue to enhance and improve GERU, there may be a more direct way to track commissions in a future version. For now, I hope this little workaround works for you.

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