How To Add Retargeting How To Add Retargeting

How To Add Retargeting

Michelle LaSalle Michelle LaSalle

There are 2 options to add Retargeting/Remarketing traffic back into your primary funnel. Often, Remarketing traffic will convert at a better rate than your regular (cold) traffic. Also, Remarketing traffic costs are usually different than the initial traffic cost. You can define all this when adding a Retargeting Traffic Source (see Entry 2 and Entry 3 below).

This image below shows you some ideas about how to incorporate Remarketing traffic back into your main funnel: 

Another option is to automatically add Retargeting to the N-path traffic of a funnel object as shown below...

Step 1: Attach a Retargeting Entry to your N-path

Step 2: Set up the required metrics

The CPC (Cost Per Click) is usually more expensive than the CPC in your initial ad. You can adjust your CPC values accordingly.

Ratio % - If you only added one Traffic Source to your Retargeting Entry, leave this at 100%

If you added two Traffic Sources to your Retargeting Entry, you can set each at 50%. This would distribute 50% of the Retargeting traffic to each of the traffic source's Retargeting ads.

Revisit Rate % - Only a certain % of your "lost" or No-path visitors will revisit your webpage after seeing a Retargeting ad. Some industry reports show that on average, 26% of visitors will return back to your website after seeing a Retargeting ad. (source:

You can use that 26% as a general guideline as shown below...