Copy (Clone) Funnel Objects Copy (Clone) Funnel Objects

Copy (Clone) Funnel Objects

Michelle LaSalle Michelle LaSalle

If you need to copy/clone or move funnel objects, here's how you do it... 

Step 1: Double click your mouse. Your mouse pointer should turn to a plus sign like this...

Step 2: Click your mouse and drag your mouse pointer to include all the funnel Objects entire area that you wish to highlight as shown here:

Next, once you un-click your mouse you have two options. You can either:

A) Move: Click-and-hold one of the objects you just highlighted... hold the mouse click and drag the group of objects to a new location on the canvas.


B) Clone: Click the "Clone" icon on the toolbar as shown here:

Step 3: Once your Objects have been cloned, then click-and-drag them to the desired location and then release the mouse click