How Is CPM Traffic Calculated? How Is CPM Traffic Calculated?

How Is CPM Traffic Calculated?

Michelle LaSalle Michelle LaSalle

When dragging an Entry Point object onto the canvas, you must define a Traffic Source. Under "Acquisition Type", there are two options available: Impressions or Clicks. 

To use CPM (or Cost per One Thousand Impressions), select "Impressions" from the drop down menu as shown below:


For this example, the values shown above are taken directly from a Facebook ad campaign as shown here:

Using the example numbers from the above FB campaign, GERU displays the number of link clicks (visitors to the Opt-In object) and the Traffic Cost...

NOTE: Due to number rounding, you may notice some minor differences as shown above $282.18 versus $282.08

Here is a breakdown of the CPM math and calculations using the above Facebook & GERU numbers:

$11.81 CPM = $11.81 per 1,000 impressions

0.37% CTR = 3 clicks per 1,000 impressions
(23,893 impressions /1000) X $11.81 CPM = $282.18 Traffic Cost
Link Clicks = 23,893 impressions x 0.37% CTR = 88 Clicks