Collaborating With Projects Collaborating With Projects

Collaborating With Projects

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Within GERU Agency, there are added features. You’ll know the exact project name and client/team member account you are viewing or collaborating on. The client/team member's name and account folder name is displayed beside the top toolbar.

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Geru agency keeps you and your team/clients on the same page. View all communications at
the project level. Exchange comments, feedback and include all relevant communication that
pertains to a particular project.

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Activity Logs

All changes made in the folders by you, team members or clients will be recorded in the activity log

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  • If a client or team member tries to make a change in the account that they are not authorized to make, they will receive an error. 
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    • You can update their permissions in real-time. 
  • If changes are not showing up in real-time, please check your internet connection. You can also try refreshing the page or logging out and back in.