How To Add Domain How To Add Domain

How To Add Domain

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Please note that these are general guidelines and each domain registrar will have their own instructions. GERU supports adding a subdomain. We recommend that you use a subdomain of your
primary Agency/company’s domain name.


  1. Log in to your Domain Registrar and go to the DNS settings
  2. Add an A record pointing your subdomain to
    • The subdomain can be any text you wish, it does not need to say subdomain 
    • Ex.,,
  3. For the TTL. use the shortest time. 
    • Screenshot
      • When adding your subdomain into step 4, just add your subdomain and not your full URL.
        • Ex. ---> simulator
  4. In your Geru dashboard, click the Profile icon in the upper right and select Domain.
    • Screenshot
  5. Add your domain details and click verify
    • Your subdomain must then be verified. This process can take 24 hours (possibly longer if you add your subdomain over a weekend).
  6. You can check the status of your subdomain at any time within GERU Agency by viewing the SSL Certificate request status. You’ll know when your subdomain is live when pending status shows a complete status. 
    • image_480.png
  7. Once your GERU Agency subdomain is live, enter your subdomain URL into your browser and you should also see a Private Branded login screen that looks something like this. Your team and clients can now log into Geru using your subdomain URL. 
    • Screenshot



  • If you wish to remove or change your domain, please contact our support team and we will be happy to help you.